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“OUT OF DIVINITY – The Concept of Man’s Creation and Salvation”

“Because thou hast thrown me out of the way, lo! I will lie in wait for them. Then I will assault them from before and behind!”

 “OUT OF DIVINITY – The Concept of Man’s Creation and Salvation”
~A gift of inspiration, wisdom, and Truth~

Gregory V. Boulware

Satan met and badgered Jesus in the desert. He was in the crowd shouting for his guilt, trial, conviction, and execution by crucifixion
The divine plan in man’s creation was objected to by the angels. The knowledge endowed in man and made to manifest to the angels through Adam and Eve with the exception of Ibliss. He refused to obey and was cast off. Adam and Eve were warned against the ‘Forbidden Tree’ while stationed within the ‘Garden of Eden.’ Disregarding the warnings, Satan beguiled them and caused their downfall. We have all learned that Adam repented through the words taught him by GOD:

“The Virtuous Shall be Rewarded and The Wicked Shall Be Punished!”

According to The Oxford Dictionary of Islam, Shaytan is used in the Quran in the singular and the plural Shayatin often interchangeably with Iblis, who is “considered to be a particular Shaytan.”
According to basic Islamic teachings, God revealed the creation of three intelligent species: angels, jinn, and humans, of which the latter two have been granted free will to choose between good and evil, and the Quran states that there is other creation beyond human knowledge “and He has created (other) things of which ye have no knowledge.”

The angels do not have free will and cannot sin because they were not granted the freedom by God to disobey. When God created Adam, he commanded all the angels and Iblis (whose rank allowed him to be considered equal to that of an angel) to prostrate to Adam as was termed “the Best of Creation”. All the angels did so but Iblis refused to obey, and was brought into a state of rebellion against God. For this God cast him out of Jannah (paradise), and intended to punish him. Iblis begged God to delay the punishment until Yawm al-Qiyāmah (Last Judgment), which was granted by God. It is We Who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels prostrate to Adam, and they prostrate; not so Iblis; He refused to be of those who prostrate.

God/Allah said:
“What prevented thee from prostrating when I commanded thee?” He said: “I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire and him from clay.”
—Quran, sura 7 (Al-A’raf) ayat 11-12

Iblis was proud and arrogant and considered himself superior to Adam, since Adam was made from clay and Iblis from smokeless fire. For this act of disobedience, God cursed him to Jahannam (Hell) for eternity, but gave him respite until the Day of Judgment, after Iblis requested it. Iblis obtained permission from God and vowed that he would use this time to lead all men and women astray to Hell as a way of revenge against them. By refusing to obey God’s order he was thrown out of paradise and thereafter he was called “Shaytan.”

He said:
“Give me respite till the day they are raised up.”

Allah/God said:
“Be thou among those who have respite.”

He said:
“Because thou hast thrown me out of the way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on thy straight way":
“Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: Nor wilt thou find, in most of them, gratitude (for thy mercies).”

God/Allah said:
“Get out from this, disgraced and expelled. If any of them follow thee, – Hell will I fill with you all.”
—Quran sura 7 (Al-Aʻraf), ayah 14-18

Although God grants the request, he also warns Satan that he would have no authority over his sincere ʻubūd ‘devoted servants’.

“As for My servants, no authority shalt thou have over them:”
Enough is thy Lord for a Disposer of affairs.
—Quran, sura 17 (Al-Isra), ayah 65

He who believes in that which hath been sent down unto thee and that which hath been sent down before thee, and of the hereafter they are sure… These are the ones on the guidance from their Lord, and these are the ones who shall be the successful.
Verily, those who disbelieve, alike is it for them, thou warneth them or warneth them not; they will not believe.
God has sealed up their hearts and their hearing; and upon their sight is a covering; and for them is a great chastisement. Of the people who say we believe in God and of the Last Day, they are not believers at all. The deceive God and those who believe, while they deceive not but themselves, they perceive not.
In their heart is a disease and God increaseth their disease, for them is a painful chastisement, because of the lie they were saying.
And when it is said unto them, “Make ye not mischief in the Earth.” They say, “Verily, we are only the well-doers.”

Beware! Verily, they are the mischief mongers but they perceive not.
When it is said unto them, “Believe ye as the people did believe,” they say, “Shall we believe as the fools did believe?” Beware! Verily, they are the fools, but they know not. And when we meet with those who believe, they say, “We Believe” but when they go apart to their devils, they say, “Surely we are with you, verily, we did but mock.”

God mocketh at them and He only alloweth them to continue bewildered in their rebellion…
These are they who purchase error for guidance, hence their translation profitteth them not, neither are they guided aright.
The likeness of them is like unto one who kindleth a fire, and when it lighteth all around him, God taketh away the light and leaveth them in darkness – so they see not.
They are left deaf, dumb, and blind; hence they will return not from their darkness, of like a rain storm from heaven fraught with darkness, thunder and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps for fear of death; and verily, God encompasseth the disbelievers. The lightning well-neigh snatchet away their sight; as often as it gleameth for them, they walk therein and when it getith dark for them, they halt; if God willed, He could take away their hearing and their sight. Verily, God hath power over all things.
~Al BaQarah (The Cow); ‘Holy Qur’an’~

“The Virtuous Shall be Rewarded and The Wicked Shall Be Punished!”

“Greeting Good Saviour. I have been informed concerning you and your cures, which are performed without the use of medicines and herbs. It has been reported that you cause the blind to see, the lame to walk, do both cleanse lepers and cast out unclean spirits and devils, and restore them to health who have been long diseased, and raised up the dead; all which when I heard, I was persuaded of one of these two, either you are God himself descended from heaven, who do these things, or the Son of God.

On this account therefore, I have wrote to you, earnestly to desire you to take the trouble of a journey hither, and cure a disease which I am under. For I hear the Jews ridicule you, and intend you mischief.

My city is indeed small, but neat, and large enough for us both."

Jesus’ reply was sent by Ananias the footman to ABGARUS. He declined the welcomed visit invitation to Edessa:

“Abgarus, you are happy, for as much as you have believed on me, whom ye have not seen. For it is written concerning me, that those who have seen me should not believe on me, that they who have not seen might believe and live.
As to that part of your letter which relates to my giving you a visit, I must inform you, that I must fulfill all the ends of my mission in this country, and after that be received up again to Him who sent me.
But after my ascension I will send one of my disciples, who will cure your disease, and give life to you, and all that are with you.”

The gospel of ‘Nicodemus,’ formerly the Acts of Pontius Pilate, portray the sufferings and resurrection of Our Master and Savior, Yahshua / Jesus Christ:
Christ accused to Pilate by the Jews of healing on the Sabbath, nine summoned before Pilate by a messenger who does him honor, twenty worshipped by the standards bowing down to him.
Annas, Caiaphas, Summas, Datam, Gamaliel, Judas, Levi, Nepthalim, Alexander, Cyrus, and other Jews along with the Devil who shouted out from amongst them of the crowd, went to Pontius Pilate about Jesus, accusing him with many bad crimes.

In the name of the ‘Holy Trinity,’ The Acts of Our Savior ‘Jesus Christ / Yahshua,’ which the emperor ‘Theodosius The Great’ found at Jerusalem, in the Hall of Pontius Pilate among the public records; these things were acted in the nineteenth year of ‘Tiberius Caesar,’ emperor of the Romans, and in the seventeenth year of the government of Herod the son of Herod, King of Galilee, on the eighth of April, which is the twenty-third day of the month of March, in the CCIID Olympiad, when Joseph and Caiaphas were rulers of the Jews; being a history and written in Hebrew by Nicodemus, of what happened up to and after Our Saviour’s Crucifixion.

“The Virtuous Shall be Rewarded and The Wicked Shall Be Punished!”

The devil appeared not less than four or five times throughout the scenes in ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told.’ He sat and spoke with Yahshua / Jesus in the desert offering gifts and majestic rewards, in the desert while he was fasting. He was there in the shadows of the crowd in Jerusalem. He was the first one to shout blasphemy at the gates of Pontius Pilate, and the first to shout crucify him and free Barabbas and one of the initial accusers, he and Caiaphas.

Pilate pondered the err of his decision:

“What have I done? I knew before those eerie words crossed my lips that I had made an egregious erroneous decision! The wash water does not remove the bloody evil bestowed upon my unclean hands. And so it is ruled – to the cross with the prisoner! I shouted. Why did I mouth aloud those unholy words? For I have found that He is truly the Christ – The Son Of God!”
Jews and Muslims, Cousins in the ‘House of David!’

“From the day the tree of knowledge was violated, every Man-child from the first is born with the awareness of Good and Evil.”
This Shabbos is also known as Parshas Zachor, in which we are commanded to remember to eradicate the nation of Amalaik from the face of the earth. Amalaik is the first nation that attacked the Jewish people, unprovoked, after they left Egypt. The actual story of their attack against the Jewish people is recorded in the Book of Exodus (17:8-16). The section we read this Shabbos is the passage in Deuteronomy ( ) where the Torah tells us a positive mitzvah, commandment, to remember what Amalaik did to us, and a negative prohibition to forget it. To fulfill this mitzvah, this positive commandment, one must hear this reading once a year. We do it on the Shabbos before Purim, since Haman, who also tried to destroy us, was a descendant of Amalaik. There is a big dispute among authorities if one does not hear the special reading this Shabbos from Deuteronomy but does subsequently hear on Purim morning the reading from Exodus, does that suffice to fulfill this commandment or not? On the one hand it does tell of the war with Amalaik. On the other hand, it does not mention specifically the commandment to remember to wipe them out.
While we try to hear the reading this Shabbos, if one does not he or she should have in mind to fulfill the mitzvah Purim morning by the Torah reading.”

What is so important about the story of Amalaik that we must remember it every year? One of the basic messages imparted by Amalaik is contained on the wording that the Torah uses for the encounter that we had with them. The Torah describes this as 'asher karcha' – that he chanced upon you. The word 'karcha' – chanced upon – is very important in understanding why Amalaik attacked the Jews, what in their essence is so evil, and how that message was carried forth by their decedent Haman centuries later. Karcha is a word used to indicate chancing upon – or something happening without Divine Providence. The very fact that Amalaik could brazenly attack the Jewish people, after the Ten plagues, the miraculous Exodus from Egypt, and the miracle of the splitting of the Sea, came from a total denial of Divine Providence in the world. While the rest of the world stood in awe of 'God and His miracles,' Amalaik related to these events as being simply acts of chance. He was able to thus disregard Hashem and attack the Jewish people.
Years later, Haman followed in his ancestors ways and tried to annihilate the Jews. He chose to pick which day to destroy them by casting lots. The holiday on which we celebrate his defeat is called 'Purim' – based on the word Pur – which means lot. Why is the concept of casting lots so central to the holiday of Purim? Why is that the name given for the Holiday? Isn’t that just a minor detail in the story?

The whole idea of casting lots is that things happen by chance. Haman and Amalaik lived with the idea that Divine providence does not exist, life simply runs by chance.

The miracle of Purim celebrates the Divine providence of God in all aspects of our lives – even when we see it least. Even without mentioning Hashem’s name, the Megillah tells of His hand in protecting us. Even when things seem so down, He is watching over us. Even with Hizballah, Hamas, Iran, and others, there is a Protector of Israel Who is running the show. This is the source of our great joy on Purim – and this is why it is so important to remember to eradicate Amalaik. This theme is the true essence of the Jew, and the true source of our joy in life. We are never alone. There is a loving father watching over every single detail of our life.

Enjoy it!

Wishing you and your family a Great Shabbos!

Rabbi Moshe Travitsky
 Haggadah for Passover – Siddur for Services

“The Black Skinned Woman at the Sedar Table in one of the Haggadah’s Illuminations… – 1492, Spanish Inquisition of the Jews… Jews and Muslims, cousins in the ‘House of David!’
~Rabbi Judah Aryeh, ‘People of The Book,’ Geraldine Brooks~

The Talmud: Two parts – The distillation of Jewish Thought since the days of exile…

The Mishnah, the main body of the work…

The Gemara, an exchange of Rabbinical Opinions, a collection of arguments and disputes.

A Haggadah is a book of stories about the Jewish People…the Suffering – “THE HOLY BIBLE!”

Yahshua said unto his disciples upon his returning to them at Galilee:

“Go now and teach all the nations of the world, for I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

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